Professional RBRVS Reference


When billing surgical procedure codes, have you ever wondered whether you should attach a modifier for multiple procedures, bilateral procedures, assistant surgeon, co-surgeon, and team-surgery? Put the wrong modifier and you may lose reimbursement. Don’t use a modifier, when it’s needed, and the code may be denied without payment. The InHealth Professional Services¬†Professional RBRVS Reference¬†will give you the answer quickly. This book will give physicians and their staff members a concise reference to use for billing procedures according to Medicare rules as defined in the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule. Use this book as a quick reference for your most common billing questions. We include nearly 10,000 physician services and:

  • Component relative value units (RVUs) for each code – Work, Non-Facility Practice Expense, Facility Practice Expense and Malpractice Expense
  • A chart to help you determine the physician supervision requirements for diagnostic testing
  • Status indicators to show whether a code is in the Medicare fee schedule and whether it is separately payable if the service is covered
  • Various payment policy indicators needed for payment adjustment for each code – for example, payment of assistant at surgery, team surgery, bilateral procedures, co surgery and multiple procedure billing
  • A chart to help you determine the endoscopic base code to calculate Medicare’s reimbursement for endoscopic procedures
  • Global Days, so you will know when to bill E/M codes (and other services) after the follow-up period of a procedure. You’ll know quickly whether you may start billing the next day, after 10 days or after 90 days

And much more!