Fees on Disk


Now you can get the data from InHealth Professional Services’ best-selling Physicians’ Fee and Coding Guide in an easy-to-use software program.

Easy to load and use, IPS’s Physicians’ Fees on Disk products will establish or evaluate your fees,  help you code clean claims, and allow you to add your own custom billing tips and notes on payers. This Microsoft Windows® compatible program is specific for your geographic area–no more difficult calculations for you to perform! Fees on Disk is a fast, invaluable tool for professional coders, administrators and managers. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Standard version includes a Microsoft Windows®-compatible (Windows 95 through XP) program with geographic-specific fee data and complete, current ICD-10 data file
  • Pro version includes the standard version plus data files to help you manipulate the information and adapt it to your own spreadsheet or database. CCI edits are now included with the Standard version
  • All current CPT® Codes with our recommended fee range
  • Complete Medicare and MMHSI RVUs for each CPT® code
  • Ability to add change the fee schedule
  • Common Modifier Usage Guidelines for every CPT® code (excluding anesthesia)
  • Indicators for Billing Assistant Surgeon, Co-Surgeon and Team Surgery
  • Indicators for Billing Bilateral Procedures
  • Indicators for Coding Intra-Operative and Post-Operative Services
  • Medicare’s Global Days Indicators
  • Medicare Facility and Non-Facility Allowances
  • Medicare Par and Non-Par Allowances
  • Current, complete and official CPT, ICD-10 and CCI edit databases with full descriptions plus coding notes and guidelines
  • Multi-user licenses available

 Advanced MS Excel® users can:

  • Analyze physician productivity data
  • Analyze practice expenses
  • Analyze procedures for profitability
  • Review managed care fee schedules
  • Create fee schedules for multiple geographic areas

Let your imagination be your guide with InHealth Professional Services’  Fees on Disk. 

*This product is recommended to users with intermediate or advanced MS Excel® skills.